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Gold award for philosophy and RE teaching

Published on 19/03/18

Cromer Academy has received the highest level of accreditation for the quality of its teaching in philosophy and RE.

The school has been awarded the Gold RE Quality Mark, recognising the high quality of teaching in philosophy and RE, and the positive impact it has on both individual student development and overall school outcomes.

The Quality Mark scheme is run by the RE Council, which represents the various faith communities across the UK as well as humanist organisations.

To get the award Cromer Academy had to demonstrate outstanding practice in teaching, learning, curriculum, subject leadership, and professional development.

Students have had the chance to debate philosophical issues with Christian, humanist, Jewish, Buddhist, and Baha'i visitors to the school.

They have explored questions such as ‘Are humans more important than animals?’ and ‘What is it like to be a scientist with religious belief?’

Head of department Jennifer Burgoyne said: “Philosophy, ethics and RE are so important to students because when they are given the chance to explore, discuss, and evaluate belief systems, they tend to be more empathetic and express their views more coherently.

“They have a more developed sense of who they are, and fewer misconceptions which might lead to prejudice and extreme views.”

Principal Dr Geoff Baker added: "We are all incredibly proud of the superb work that Ms Burgoyne has done leading philosophy and RE at the school.

“Our wide-ranging curriculum deals with the 'big questions' of life and our students really enjoy tackling these thought-provoking topics.”