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Pupils' grand designs for community centre

Published on 26/06/17

Cobholm's community centre has a new logo thanks to the creative handiwork of local schoolchildren.

Years 3 and 4 at Cobholm Primary Academy in Mill Road were set the challenge to come up with a new badge for the community centre in St Luke's Terrace.

They came up with a range of designs, with the winning option created by Britney Akuceviciute revealed at a special assembly at the school on Monday, June 26.

The occasion also saw Margaret Jennis and Jenny Butcher from Cobholm Community Centre unveil a special banner featuring all the ideas put forward by pupils, which will go on display at the centre.

"We wanted to involve the school because lots of the kids here and their families go to the centre," said Mrs Jennis.

"They came up with some many good designs that we had the idea to put them all on the banner so that no one was left out."

As a thankyou the centre also arranged for children's entertainer Charlie Cheesecake to perform for the school after Monday's assembly.

Cobholm principal Kimberly Morton said: "It's really important for us to be part of the community here and this was a great opportunity for our children to think about what the centre means for them, and practice their art skills.

"It was very generous of the centre to arrange for Charlie Cheesecake to visit and he proved very popular with the pupils."