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First head girl and boy take up post

Published on 22/03/17

Cobholm Primary's first head girl and boy have taken up their posts today

Mariane Agudo and Richard Medina became the first pupils to take on the roll, after being elected by their fellow students.

They were inducted in a special whole school assembly earlier today, with Norfolk County Councillor and academy governor Mick Castle presiding, and several parents present.

Leonardo Carrico and Ellie Thompson were chosen to be deputy head boy and girl respectively, and also received their badges of office.

It is the first time since becoming an academy three years ago that the school has had the posts. Principal Kimberly Morton said the new roles were important in helping pupils feel part of and proud of their school.

"The pupils have taken it very seriously and had hustings and voted for their favourite candidates. It shows how much they care about the school, and that they really want to be involved in how we run it," said Miss Morton.

During the assembly, the winning candidates - all Year 6 pupils - gave a series of acceptance speeches.

Head girl Mariane Agudo said: "Thank you very much for voting for me to be your head girl. I'd like to take this moment to appreciate the hard work and courage the other candidates showed. I am excited and a bit anxious, but I know that with your help, we are going to make our school rise to the top. Thank you again for your support."

Head boy Richard Medina said: "Good morning. I am so pleased to be your head boy. I will work hard to represent you and listen to your ideas."

Deputy head boy Leonardo Carrico said: "Thank you for your support and I am really excited to be deputy head boy. I will do by best to make Cobholm Primary Academy a fun, safe, and happy place to learn."

Deputy head girl Ellie Thompson said: "Thank you for your votes and support. I appreciate your kindness and your belief in me. I am excited for the rest of the school year and to work collaboratively with the other candidates as well as you. Thank you again."