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Wayland Academy Norfolk is joining the Inspiration Trust

Published on 30/01/20

We are expanding our family of schools. In April, Wayland Academy Norfolk, in Watton, will join the 13 primary and secondary schools we already look after.

Wayland Academy Norfolk will leave its current trust, Norfolk Academies, after a review found it
would benefit from being partnered in larger groupings of similar schools. We already support seven secondary schools – including The Thetford Academy and 6th Form nearby.

While it’s anticipated the move will be completed in April 2020, we will be providing support immediately to make the transition as easy as possible. We will be working with the principal and teaching team to provide support and build on the improvements the school has been making.

Wayland Academy Norfolk is currently rated as ‘requires improvement’. In June Ofsted found that progress was being made in key areas including attendance, safeguarding and wellbeing,
implementing strategies to improve teaching and learning, and improving outcomes for all students.

Dame Rachel de Souza, our Chief Executive, said: “We share Wayland Academy Norfolk’s ambition to improve – and we’re excited to see it go from strength to strength. We will be supporting the principal, his teaching team, students and their families, so that we can work together to build on the improvements Ofsted have already picked up on.”

Ofsted have said that Wayland Academy Norfolk could further improve the quality of teaching,
learning and assessment. We will be working with the school to develop strategies and offer development courses. Our curriculum experts will also be providing support.

Dame Rachel said: “It’s a really exciting time for the Inspiration Trust and Wayland. We’re incredibly pleased to welcome them to the family. All of our schools share their ideas, knowledge and skills, so that we can give every child in East Anglia a fantastic education. It’s great news that Wayland can now be a part of that.”

Norfolk Academies announced it was exploring new partnerships for its schools last April. The move was prompted by a strategic review.

Mark Jeffries, Chairman, Norfolk Academies, commented: “The education sector has seen major shifts since our schools came together in a diverse federation providing a broad curriculum that brought together academic and vocational opportunities.

“The decision to re-broker our schools to new Trusts was made in light of these changes and
because it is in the best long-term interests of our schools and pupils.

“This announcement provides clarity on the future direction for our school in Watton. On behalf of Norfolk Academies, I would like to thank all our staff, parents, and the wider community, for their formidable dedication and support for our pupils.”