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Promotions continue at Inspiration Trust

Published on 11/03/20

The Inspiration Trust is celebrating the success of its school teams with a series of
promotions and senior leadership changes. As a result of their hard work and completing professional development courses, three people have been promoted and one is moving closer to home.

Summary of changes

  • Louise Jackson, current Principal of Hewett Academy, has been promoted to Executive Principal of Wayland Academy.
  • Antony Little, current Principal of Cromer Academy, will be the new Principal of Hewett Academy.
  • Darren Hollingsworth, current Vice Principal of Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, has been promoted to Principal of Cromer Academy.
  • Inspiration Trust will be recruiting for a new Vice Principal at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy.

All changes will come into effect in September 2020.

A spokesperson from the Inspiration Trust said: "We are dedicated to nurturing our talented staff. We’re proud that our teaching teams are keen to share their skills across schools, so that our children get the best education possible."

Meet our team

Louise Jackson said:

“The Hewett Academy’s values are respect, aspiration and dedication –
and that’s exactly what I’ve experienced during my time at the school. Last year’s GCSE
results are evidence of that. We saw a significant improvement in the number of young
people making good progress across all subjects. This is thanks to the hard work of our
teaching team, support from our families and dedicated students.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hewett and am now looking forward to working with
Glen to help him settle into the trust and offer support and guidance to his team.”

Antony Little said: 

“Cromer Academy is an exceptional school at the heart of a lively and
supportive community. Our students work incredibly hard. In our latest GCSE results we saw
an increase in English and Maths but also a really strong Progress 8 score, which shows that students do better at Cromer Academy, no matter what their starting point.  It’s something
I’ve been really proud of and I can’t wait to see what our young people achieve next.

“I’d like to thank my teaching teams for their dedication and families for working with us.

“I was the first Vice Principal at The Hewett Academy for Inspiration Trust. That was five
years ago and now I’m looking forward to returning. It is a school that has always been close
to my heart – and my front door. I live in the area myself and am excited about the potential
the school and its students have.

“I’m proud to be the new Principal for my local school and look forward to working with
families in my own community.”

Darren Hollingsworth:

“I’m excited to be taking on the leadership of Cromer Academy – I’m part of the North Norfolk community myself, and I am proud that my first headship is
going to be at a school that is so important to local people. Cromer Academy is celebrating
its 70th anniversary, so this is a great time to get to know its history, our families, pupils and
the teaching team.

“We have achieved incredible things at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy – from the
school’s first Good Ofsted rating in a decade to record results. I will miss our pupils, families
and colleagues, but I’m looking forward to this next step.”

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Director for the trust, and Jane Diver, the new Principal at Hethersett Academy.