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Information for families with children in Year 10 and 12

Published on 22/05/20

The government has said that secondary school students sitting exams next year - Year 10s and 12s - are on track to start receiving face-to-face support from their school from Monday 15th June. But they don’t expect these students to return full-time. The government has also published guidance for families with children in secondary school.

 When will you reopen?

We will open to Year 10s and Year 12s from Monday 15th June - if the government confirms it is safe to do so. 

Will you reopen full-time?

No, Year 10 and Year 12 will return to school on a part-time timetable. 

Year 10 students will return for one full day per week. This day will be based on their current classes for English, Maths, Science and History/Geography. They will be taught these subjects on their day in school. They will continue with remote learning on the other days.

Year 12 students will be able to attend a limited number of afternoon lessons. We will run the afternoon lessons from one option block each week. Students who study a subject in that block will attend their normal afternoon lesson for that subject.

Which students can attend school?

Year 10 and Year 12 students can attend part-time.

Some children will continue to attend full-time based on the government’s classification of those who are vulnerable or keyworkers.

How are you preparing to reopen?

We’re taking a number of steps to make sure we can open as safely as possible. These include:

  • Our school is being deep cleaned over half term

  • We’ve added sanitiser stations in all of our classrooms

  • We have no-touch thermometers to take temperatures where required

  • Teachers have PPE for medical emergencies 

  • We have put up signs to remind students to wash their hands

  • Perspex shields have been added to reception and student services

  • Corridors and social spaces are marked every 2m to make social distancing clear

  • Desks/workstations have been moved apart

How will you keep my child safe?

We have remodelled the school so that students can stay two metres apart at all times. By limiting the number of other students each individual interacts with we can also reduce the risk of transmission. Some of the things we will do for safety include:

  • All students will be at least two metres apart at their desks. We have achieved this by setting up large spaces such as the Atrium as classrooms, and limiting the numbers allowed in any room

  • Desks are moved apart

  • Social distancing markers throughout the school in corridors and social spaces

  • Handwashing/sanitising will happen on entering and leaving the school

  • Encouraging regular hand washing/sanitising

  • In the toilets, middle sinks will be closed off so that students are distanced when using them

  • Personal belongings (food, pens, books etc.) won’t be shared

  • Doors will be propped open to minimise touching door handles

  • Breaktimes will be staggered to minimise the number of students in circulation

  • Only teachers/teams timetabled to be in school will attend, and there will be minimal visitors


Will there be increased cleaning?    

Yes. Over half term the school will be deep cleaned.

We will also be increasing cleaning throughout the school day. This includes:

  • Touch points, such as handrails and door handles

  • Toilets

  • Emptying of bins 

  • Tables and surfaces

We will also have a weekly deep clean of all spaces in use.


Will children be social distancing?

Yes, we will be encouraging social distancing and there will be markers on the floor throughout the school. Outside areas and toilets will be designated and clearly marked to maintain social distancing.

There will be staggered start and end times, as well as staggered breaks during the day.

In shared areas, such as toilets, some sinks will be closed off to make sure people are distanced from each other.

How will teachers be protected?

We have PPE available for teachers dealing with medical emergencies.

What will my child be learning?

Year 10s will be taught English, Maths, Science and their Humanities option. Year 12s will learn their usual subjects.


How will my child enter/leave school?

  • Keyworker and vulnerable children will continue to arrive at 9am by the side door. 

  • Year 10 students will arrive at 9:10am through the playground gate by Browns Estate Agents.

  • Year 12 students will arrive for their lesson start time and enter via Claxton House.

All entrances used will have hand sanitiser stations and will be manned by a member of staff. Current government guidance is that we do not need to take temperatures on arrival, but we have ordered the equipment to be able to do this if necessary.

We encourage pupils to walk or cycle to school where possible so that they avoid public transport.

On the first day Year 10 students will be met by staff and shown through to the appropriate space for an assembly about how we are operating the school site. 


Year 12 students will be met on the door by a member of the Sixth Form team and reminded of the rules for using the building. 


The end of school will be staggered, so that children can be distanced when they leave the site.


We will contact families directly to let them know further details.

Will my child have to wear a uniform?

The current guidance is for frequent washing of clothes in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. School uniform regulations are therefore suspended. Students should wear school-appropriate clothing (e.g. no clothing that is rude or revealing).


Will you provide lunch for my child?

In the first week back, we would like students to bring their own packed lunches to school. We will contact families directly to update them on any changes to the lunch provision.

What will my child need to bring to school?

Alongside a packed lunch, students will need to bring a personal water bottle which they will be able to refill, their exercise books and stationary, and a fully-charged device, headphones and charger.


Will my child be able to use outside space?

Yes, they will be able to go outside with their group in their breaktimes.

I’ve received a letter from the NHS saying I should be shielding. Do I have to attend? 

No. If you have received a letter from the NHS instructing you to shield then you should not attend school.

Will you continue to look after key workers’ children?

We will continue to offer our existing full-time provision for those who are accessing it.


Will remote learning continue?

Yes, we will continue to deliver remote learning to year groups not in school, and to Y10 and Y12 when they are not on-site. 

What should I do if I have questions?

If you have questions, please email Our phone lines are not currently manned as staff are working from home wherever possible. If you are unable to use email then leave a message on the school answerphone. We will pick this up and return your call when possible.