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Learn an instrument

We have a team of visiting music teachers provided by The Wharf Academy, who teach lessons in a range of different instruments. 

If your child is interested in receiving lessons, they should collect a letter from the music corridor, which contains the full details and a sign-up form.

Or simply contact The Wharf Academy directly to discuss your needs with them.


Show Dates:

Wednesday 26th-Friday 28th February 2020


Main roles: Monday and Tuesday 4.30-5.30pm, Friday 3.30-4.30pm (there will be a rehearsal schedule telling you when you are called)

Chorus: Monday 3.30-5.30pm


  • Prepare 1 minute of a musical theatre song of your choice. This will need to be unaccompanied (no backing track)

  • Be ready to read a short section of a script that we provide for you.

  • Please be ready to state which part you would like to audition for. If you don’t want a main part, you can just audition to be in the chorus. 

  • Sign up via the sign-up sheet on the drama noticeboard 

Main roles:

Gomez (singing and acting)

Morticia (singing and acting)

Wednesday (singing and acting)

Fester (singing and acting)

Pugsley (mostly acting, plus a few lines of singing)

Lucas (singing and acting)

Alice (singing and acting)

Mal (singing and acting)

Smaller parts:

Lurch (no singing or speaking - ideally need to be able to walk on stilts!)

Grandma - speaking but no singing

Chorus parts:

The Ancestors  - in several big songs and lots of smaller parts during the show


The cast list will be posted on Friday 20th September. 

Rehearsals will start on Monday 23rd September.

**Students can sign up for an audition slot on the noticeboard outside drama studio 2 on the third floor.**