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Teaching for mastery

Are you a primary teacher interested in developing confident mathematicians in your class? Do you want to take part in high-quality, collaborative CPD which benefits you and your school? Join a Teaching for Mastery Work Group near you.

There are a small number of places still available in Teaching for Mastery Work Groups. Some hubs may accept late applications. If you wish to apply, please follow the instructions on the application form below.

Applications for Primary Mastery Specialists are now closed for 2019/20.

During the 2019/20 school year, Maths Hubs across England will work with thousands of primary schools to continue the spread of teaching for mastery across England.

The Teaching for Mastery Programme is a professional development opportunity designed to support teachers like you to develop best practice in maths in your school. It is suitable for schools interested in implementing a teaching for mastery approach to maths.

What does the opportunity involve?

Two teachers from each participating school join a Work Group, consisting of six or seven local primary schools. Each Work Group is led by a trained primary Mastery Specialist.

Work Groups (sometimes known as Teacher Research Groups, or TRGs) meet regularly to plan, observe and discuss teaching for mastery. In between meetings, teachers explore mastery approaches in their own classrooms and across their school. Work Groups run for a year initially, with many continuing beyond the first year as mastery is embedded in participants’ schools.

Support is provided from a local classroom-based Mastery Specialist who leads the group. This model of professional development involves hands-on learning and peer-to-peer support. It is evidence-based and designed to support substantial long-term change.

Get involved

Places are available for state-funded primary schools in England to become part of this programme from September 2019. Two teachers from each participant school will attend six half-day meetings during the school year, and lead teaching for mastery development in their own school.

There is no charge for participation in the programme and schools receive £1000 as a contribution to cover costs. They are also eligible to claim financial help towards the cost of buying maths textbooks.

There are a small number of places still available and some hubs are accepting late applications. Contact your local hub to check. If they can accept your application, ask your headteacher to complete the application form, then email it to your local Maths Hub. If you are not sure which hub to apply to, send your application to

NB: Schools can only take part in this particular Work Group once. However, there are other Work Groups dealing with teaching for mastery which are available in the year after a school is in a TRG. Talk to your Maths Hub about your options.