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Personal, social, and health education

Our aim at the Hewett Academy is to ensure that our students are equipped not just with the academic knowledge to make a success of their future lives, but also the social skills and experience to play a full and positive part in their communities - local, national, and global.

Our personal, social, and health education, plan outlines the key areas that we cover to help our students understand their own development as people and to become active citizens.

You can download the plan below; please contact us if you would like more detail on any particular aspect.

British values and Prevent

British values and the Prevent scheme are taught through our form time programme. Weekly assemblies reflect on key themes of the week including radicalisation, FGM, and British values.

Assemblies take place at the beginning of the week to set the scene on the topic to be explored. One form time session during the week then follows up on this theme, allowing students to debate, ask questions, and fully explore these topics in more detail.

Personal finance

The academy is responsible for equipping our students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence in money matters in order to thrive in today’s society.