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National Poetry day

Published on 07/10/19

The Hewett Academy join the country in celebrating National poetry day.

On the 3rd October students at The Hewett Academy took part in National poetry day.

The day was first created in 1994 to engage millions of people within the country with poetry through a range of live events and web-based activities. Because there is such a variety of poetry written a new theme is given each year in order to highlight particular poets and styles of poetry.

This year the theme was 'Truth'. Below is the poem written by the students and Mrs Marrow, with this theme in mind.




Open your eyes

We are all of the same mind

Like stars in the night sky.

End of story, except


Not really

The sunshine poked through black and grey cloud

The thunder bellowed,

shrieking and loud and I met a 

traveller in an

antique land


A paw of a wolf leaves a print in the snow

Fluffy hares in a field

Friends are like stars:

When you can't see

them they will 

be there.


Roses are red but

nothing beside remains.

Half a league, half a league 

into the valley of death.

End of story, except


not really 

for then I’m home on leave and

I blink and we are

all of the same mind and

the lone and level sands stretch

far away... 


You open 

Your eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky

The smell of

sweet grass is real.

End of story, except


not really, but for one last message:

Respect is good