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Learning resources

Teaching and learning at Charter will continue through our online platforms, hard copies of resource booklets and knowledge organisers.

What should pupils do?

We expect pupils to follow a programme of study that mirrors the routine of their normal school day. All pupils have their own timetables and we advise that they study at home in their timetabled order.

Pupils should use lesson time to read both hard copy and electronic resources, research topics, access content provided by teachers, and move on to the completion of assessments. 

Online platforms

Teachers will be setting and assessing work on our online platforms. 

These are:

Subject information

These links can only be accessed by students logged in to their school email accounts. If you are experiencing issues with your account, please contact  

Other online resources

Our trust - Inspiration Trust - has published a list of free online resources for children of all ages - from primary right through to sixth form. It includes educational videos, fun activities, science challenges, sports, theatre performances and university advice.

There is also information available about: