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Power station visit generates excitement

Published on 20/05/19

East Point’s young scientists explored the future of power in a visit to a major nuclear power plant.

The Year 9 students visited Sizewell B in Leiston, Suffolk on Tuesday, May 14.

Sizewell B is the UK’s newest nuclear power station and the only Pressurised Water Reactor in the country, cooled by 12,000 gallons of seawater every second and generating electricity for 2.2 million homes a year.

In a tour of the site the students explored the technology behind the power station and took part in hands-on learning activities.

They also found out about the site’s engineering apprenticeships programme and its plans for a new power station, Sizewell C.

East Point careers manager Karen Dando said: “The tour guides were thrilled with the students’ behaviour and their inquisitive questions.”