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Mobile phone policy

Adopted: September 2014

Policy statement

Teachers, students and parents/carers should work together to promote an environment where students and staff are safe, learning is maximised and neither are compromised through the use of mobile phones in the academy.


  • Ensure misuse of mobile phones during the academy day is eliminated;
  • Eliminate disruption to the individual’s and other’s learning from mobile phone use at the academy;
  • Eliminate bullying and cyberbullying through the use of mobile phones during the academy day by students at East Point Academy;
  • Eliminate confrontation that could occur when challenged about mobile phone use;
  • Reduce the probability of mobile phone theft at the academy;
  • Provide a secure place for students who wish to bring their mobile phone to the academy and store it away when they arrive on site and for the duration of the academy day;
  • Teach students self-control and to take care of and respect their peers, adults they work with, their environment and community;
  • Prepare students for rules and boundaries similar to those which could be set in future work and career settings.

Roles and responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Principal to:

  • Encourage and foster safe and respectful attitudes towards mobile phones in relation to the policy, in particular that no mobile phones are allowed on the academy site unless stored in a designated locker;
  • Address promptly any breeches of the mobile phone policy.

It is the responsibility of all staff to familiarise themselves with and comply with this policy and procedures in accordance to relevant professional standards. In particular staff should:

  • Reinforce the mobile phone policy on the academy site;
  • Ensure they follow the mobile phone policy when in direct contact with students unless a suitable reason permits which has been agreed by the Principal;
  • Challenge students who do not adhere to the mobile phone policy;
  • Follow protocols that are in place for when students do not adhere to the policy;
  • Communicate with other staff about when a student has not followed policy;
  • Communicate with parents/carers when the mobile phone policy has not been followed and to ensure they are clear about the policy guidelines;
  • Record incidents when students have not followed the mobile phone policy.

Procedures for policy abuse

  • Any student seen with a mobile phone on the academy site will be challenged and asked to hand the mobile phone to the member of staff for it to be confiscated.
  • Students who refuse to comply will be followed up by a student support leader, middle leader or senior .eader and in most cases will be fixed-term excluded.
  • The confiscated mobile phone will be taken to the mainoffice and placed in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and year group clearly identified and then stored.
  • The parents/carers of the student who has had their mobile phone confiscated will be contacted and asked to collect the phone at a meeting scheduled after the academy day on the day of confiscation, or the following morning.
  • In most cases the meeting will be with a senior leader from the academy.
  • Parents/carers will be reminded of the mobile phone policy at East Point Academy during this meeting.
  • Students who abuse the mobile phone policy repeatedly will have their phone returned through a meeting with the Principal or vice principal and their parents/carers.


East Point Academy staff have the right to confiscate and retain a student’s property as a punishment and also search students for items banned by the academy rules in line with the Department for Education’s Behaviour and Discipline in Schools document (February 2014).


The policy will be monitored by the Principal and the assistant principal responsible for behaviour and safety.