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We believe in rewarding behaviour and effort that goes above and beyond that which we expect from Cromer Academy students.  Rewards happen in different ways.


  • Daily: students will be rewarded with either verbal praise or by the awarding of merits, which are linked to one of the 5 school values.  Students then save these merits up which have material value and can be spent at Student Services. Students keep a weekly running total of their merits in their planners.

  • Weekly: at the weekly assembly, the member of LT presenting will choose one student who has personified the school values and they will be awarded some “Cromer Chocolate” in front of their peers.

  • Termly: we will have termly celebration assemblies during which merit prizes, attendance awards, subject badges and school values prizes will be awarded.

  • Annually: the grand school prize night happens in November each year to celebrate both the outgoing year 11 students but also those in Key Stage 3 and 4 for their contribution to the school.



We are working hard this year to develop a culture of appreciation amongst all students and staff.  In the third week of each half term, students will write a short note of thanks to a member of staff (teaching or support) to express their gratitude for something they have done for them.