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Our school planners are the key method of communication between home and school.  They are important documents and should be used, and respected.


  • Students should record, clearly and legibly, all homework set in their planner.

  • Parents should sign the planner once a week, on a Friday night, to confirm they have checked the homework set and that they confirm that review homeworks have been completed.

  • Form Tutors must sign the planners at least once a week, during the reading form time session, to check for parental notes and to check that homework is being recorded.  Any concerns Form Tutors might have over how a student is using a planner should be followed up by them in the first instance and the Head of Year beyond that.

  • On a weekly basis, the student should record the number of merits and penalty points for that week in their planners.

  • The planner will contain a number of useful new pages with information that is important for use during lessons.

  • Planners are an essential part of the school equipment and must be brought to school every day.  Penalty points will be issued if the planner is forgotten.

  • Planners should be kept neat and tidy.  No sheets should fall out, there should be no graffiti and it should not be used for any reason other than school use.

  • If a planner is lost, or kept in a state where the Head of Year believes a new one is needed, that will be at the cost to the family of £3 per planner.  This is the cost price and no profit is made from this.

  • If students are late or if incorrect uniform is worn, the student welfare team will use a series of stamps to inform parents of this via the planner.