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Form Time

The form time program has been developed to ensure the students have access to all the personal development program whilst also continuing to promote the importance of reading, reviewing and keeping up to date with current issues.  Years 7 to 10 will weekly have the following activities;


Personal Development / British values / Culture, School Values, Repetitive quizzing on school cultures and values.

Thought of the week & Leaderboard information for attendance and merits. 



Silent reading / review. Planner and messages check.


Enrichment allows the students to choose their preferred activity from a range including sports, IT, homework provided by teaching staff or external providers.  The forms also every half term complete a litter pick around the school site.


The year 11s follow a bespoke programme where they are completing applications for college whilst also having post 16 providers speaking to them about their future options.  The year 11s are taken by maths teachers where they are able to further support the students in form time with maths.

Please click 'download' below to view our latest Form time programme timetable 2019-2020