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Behaviour and rewards

At Cromer Academy we have high expectations of student hehaviour and we are proud of our friendly and supportive school environment.

We aim to create an ethos where:

  • Hard work, achievement and attainment are consistently rewarded and celebrated
  • Sanctions are fair and fairly implemented
  • Equality and diversity among students are embraced and mutual respect is encouraged
  • Communication between staff, students, and parents is efficient, consistent, and effective
  • The whole Academy curriculum supports excellent behaviour for learning

For more information on our system of sanctions and rewards, see the policies in the Governance section of out websie.


We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying at Cromer Academy. At every level our school is inclusive and supportive, and neither our staff nor our students tolerate bullying of any nature. We have a comprehensive pastoral system whereby students can report bullying to their form tutor or staff in the behaviour support room. We also have a member of the student leadership team who leads on anti-bullying and can also be the first point of call for reports to be made. In addition we have a detailed PSHE curriculum which includes a clear anti-bullying message along with helping students to develop the confidence and skills to stand up to bullying. 

One of our school values, put forward by our students, is to 'respect individuality'. This is core to who we are and how we function as a school.