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Teaching and learning policy

Adopted: March 2016


Charles Darwin Primary recognises that we are all learners and must constantly be seeking to evaluate the teaching and learning which is taking place in order to find new ways to improve the quality of learning. As a primary school that has a knowledge-based curriculum, focusing on high standards and a strong academic focus, we will promote excellence and equip students with the skills and attitudes necessary for success in a rapidly changing society. We will strive to be the best that we can be and to instil in students a lifelong love of learning.

The teaching and learning standards

We will achieve our vision for continued outstanding learning experiences through:

  • The provision and adequate resourcing of an appropriate and exciting curriculum which reflects the schools’ status and emphasises the development of transferable skills;
  • Excellent planning which consolidates, builds upon and extends learning for all students via appropriate schemes of learning and lesson planning;
  • Awareness of the factors that lead to outstanding learning experiences and the use of success criteria to ensure lessons that engage students and engender pace and progress. Specifically, the features identified by the Inspiration Trust:
    • Feedback – Specific, Targeted and Actioned. Both summative to inform planning and formative to reshape activities and experiences during the lesson.
    • Differentiation – Every student an individual, each able to access the lesson and be stretched in doing so.
    • Engagement – Application and Diligence, demonstrating excellent engagement.
    • Expectation – Excellence as Standard for all.
  • Creating positive relationships with students - role models to inspire students, foster the appropriate attitudes and attitudes for learning;
  • Regular sharing of good practice within and across staff through our meetings, development sessions and the Inspiration Trust Federated Curricular;
  • Regular and effective monitoring of practice;
  • Identification of issues and provision of support: to raise levels of self-esteem and produce students who are flexible and adaptable, able to manage difficulties andchange;
  • Provide appropriate, robust and high-quality professional development for all staff;
  • The continued evaluation of the effectiveness of the teaching and learning policy.

Links to other policies and documentation

  • Jane Austen CPD policy
  • Inspiration Trust “Cornerstones”
  • Teacher guidance booklet

Monitoring and reviewing objectives

We will review and update our equality objectives every year in response to the development of the new school. We will report on them annually to the governing body. We involve and consult staff, pupils, governors and parents and carers.

We publish an evaluation of the success in meeting these objectives for parents and carers, on the school website.

Roles and responsibilities

We expect all members of the school community and visitors to support our commitment to promoting and ensuring the highest standards of teaching and learning take place at Charles Darwin Primary.

The governing body

  • Defines the principles underlying the school’s teaching and learning policy.
  • Ensures that all aspects of the policy promote the ideals and ethos of the school.
  • Ensures that all aspects of the policy and its implementation promote excellent learning experiences for all pupils.
  • Supports the leadership team in its delivery through support and advice via governor meetings.
  • Monitors and evaluate the effectiveness of the policy and its implementation through senior leadership reports and data.
  • Monitors and evaluate the effectiveness of the policy and its implementation through case studies and carrying out personal substantive visits to the school.

Principal and leadership team

The Principal is responsible for implementing the policy; for ensuring that all staff are aware of their responsibilities and are given appropriate training and support; and for taking appropriate action where appropriate. A senior member of staff has the overall responsibility for coordinating and delivery of all aspects of the policy and will report directly to the Principal on all matters of teaching and learning.

The Principal and leadership team  will:

  • Ensure the school adopts and upholds the ethos and values in the teaching and learning policy.
  • Ensure the implementation of the teaching and learning policy, including all associated policies that support and augment it.
  • Ensure all staff are fully aware of their roles and responsibilities in delivering outstanding learning experiences.
  • Provide the opportunities and structures in which the intended outcomes of the teaching and learning policy can be met.
  • Develop and implement quality assurance procedures to ensure high quality of such opportunities and structures.
  • Develop and implement quality control procedures that will inform the review and evaluation of such opportunities and structures

Teaching and support staff

Teaching staff extends into all professionals working to deliver curriculum content, including those in the electives programme.

All teaching and support staff will:

  • Uphold the values and ethos of the teaching and learning policy.
  • Plan their lessons accordingly, incorporating all key features that lead to exceptional learning experiences.
  • Implement classroom strategies and procedures that endorse and promote the values and ethos of the teaching and learning policy, particularly regarding the elements of:
    • High expectations
    • Pupil engagement
    • Regular and high-impact feedback
    • Differentiated learning experiences
  • Commit themselves to a mindset of constant improvement in their delivery of outstanding learning experiences.
  • Adopt new working practices and methodologies, as prescribed by the school leadership.
  • Maintain an open and reflective mindset in approaching new pedagogical ideas.


All visitors to the school, including parents and carers are expected to support our commitment to the highest quality of teaching and learning.

Any external agencies or other visitors involved in delivering any aspect of our curriculum will adhere to all our standards in relation to teaching and learning and all policies associated with it.

Disseminating the policy

The teaching and learning policy will be made available:

  • On the school website
  • In hard copy form, from the school office, upon request
  • In the staff handbook
  • On display for visitors, including parents and carers
  • As part of induction for new staff

We ensure that the whole school community has opportunity to access the policy through the school newsletter, assemblies, staff meetings and other communications.

We publish on the school’s website copies of relevant policies and guidance, including those on behaviour, anti-bullying and special educational needs.

Monitoring, evaluation and review

The school will review this policy annually and assess its implementation and effectiveness. The policy will be promoted and implemented throughout the school.

The Principal (or delegated member of the senior leadership team) will report on the effectiveness of the policy to the governing body, as appropriate.