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Admissions policy for nursery

Adopted: September 2017

This document sets out the admission arrangements for Charles Darwin Nursery for the academic year September 2016 and beyond.

Charles Darwin Nursery caters for children aged 6 months - 4 years old. Charles Darwin Nursery operates a non-selective admissions policy in line with the School Admissions Code. It is our aim to have a fair and transparent admissions policy. We will not have a specific catchment area, as it is important to us that we are accessible to the wider Norwich community.

The admission policy is issued to all families as part of the registration process. It is also available electronically on request.

Early Education is offered to families 50 weeks of the year. The funded hours can be claimed up to and including 30 hours on a Monday - Friday from 8am - 6pm.

The Inspiration Trust is the admission authority for Charles Darwin Nursery and has responsibility for the process of admitting students.


It is important that you apply as early as possible for a place at Charles Darwin Nursery. A place for your child is not guaranteed and a place becoming available depends on different factors (listed below).

We do not discriminate against a child/family or prevent entry to our setting on the basis of protected characteristics as defined by the Equalities Act 2010. These are: disability, religion/belief, race, sexual orientation, age, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity.

Nursery applications

Applications to the nursery are to be done by visiting our website and completing and submitting an online application form.  When this is received we will add your child to our waiting list noting preferred starting dates and number of sessions requested per week, in strict date received order.

Children numbers will be strictly regulated so that the maximum legally permitted is not exceeded, taking into account the staff/child ratios. Prior to the starting date the nursery will contact parents and inform them whether or not their child can be offered a definite place.  Parents will be given ten working days to respond from the date they receive the offer of a place for their child. If they fail to respond within the ten days allowed they will be informed that their child has been removed from the waiting list and they will have to re-apply.

Applications will be retained until the child is placed or they withdraw their application. All records for children who attend the nursery will be kept until that child reaches 21 years old, in line with legislation.

As part of the registration process, parents/carers will be required to provide documentation to evidence their child’s date of birth. This is to confirm they have reached the eligible age for the free entitlements.

A copy will not be retained, but may be requested again at a later date.

A nursery pack will be handed to parents prior to their child’s admission.  Parents/carers must complete and sign the admission form within the pack and return to the nursery. This provides the nursery with the following information:

  • Name, home address, and date of birth of each child
  • Number of sessions per week required
  • Name, address, and telephone numbers of parents or carers
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • Special diets
  • Arrangements for collection
  • Name, address, and telephone number of the child’s doctor and health visitor
  • Illness and inoculation details and details of any allergies
  • Parental consents on medication, sun cream, nappy cream, teething gel, behaviour, photographic, first aid, leaving school premises for local walks and trips up to three miles away from site etc.

When a place has been offered, we suggest two settling in sessions prior to the start date to ensure your child feels comfortable in their new environment. We will work with parents to ensure that as far as possible the hours/sessions that can be taken as free provision are convenient for parents’ working hours.

Operation of waiting list and oversubscription

The nursery will operate a waiting list.

Where places become available they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. The list will be reordered whenever a child leaves or joins the waiting list.

The nursery operates a waiting list based on:

  • Staff children
  • Existing families including siblings
  • Date of receipt of application
  • Availability of start date
  • Required sessions


We will not let any child leave the nursery with anyone other than their parent or carer, unless we have been told in advance or the adult knows your child’s password.  Parents/carers will provide the password when completing the admission form.

Parents or carers will also be asked to provide the nursery with any further information which they feel will enable us to take the best care of their children. It is important that parents and carers share information about their children and their family habits and ethos. It should include particular likes and dislikes in food, bottle feeding habits, dummy use etc. Daytime sleep patterns should be shared with the nursery staff together with any ways which seem successful in getting the child to sleep if there are difficulties.


If your child needs medicine while at the nursery, you will be asked to complete a medication consent form.

If your child becomes unwell while at the nursery, a member of staff will contact you and you will be asked to come and collect your child.

If your child needs medical attention, or needs to be taken to hospital, you will be contacted immediately. In an emergency, a member of staff will take your child to the hospital and you will be contacted and asked to meet them there.

If your child develops an infectious illness which  may be harmful to others, please seek medical advice before allowing your child to return to nursery.

The Health Department advises that children should remain at home for 48 hours if they have suffered from sickness or diarrhoea. However, we require children to stay at home for 72 hours. We also ask to be informed at the earliest opportunity when your child has either of these conditions.

Early Education offer

Our Early Education offer is offered within the national parameters as we operate for ten hours or less on a single day, our children are educated on one site and our opening hours are from 8am - 6pm.

We aim to identify all children that may attract any additional funding such as EYPP, DAF, SEND Inclusion Fund and any locally available funding streams with a view to submit a claim/application to support and improve their outcomes.

SEND support for children

We aim to follow the requirements of the EYFS (2017) and provide an inclusive environment for all children and their families. We are required to comply with the requirements of the Equalities Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs code of practice  - 2015.

We will monitor and review the progress and development of all children. However, where a child appears to be behind expected levels of development or where a child’s progress gives cause for concern We will adopt a graduated approach with four stages of action: Assess, Plan, Do & Review. We will work in partnership with parents and provide information on how we are supporting their child’s development and will seek consent to request support from outside agencies where necessary.

Please refer to the SEND/Inclusion Policy concerning the SEND support on offer to children and how we support families to choose the right setting for their child with SEND.