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Introducing our InspirEd blog

Published on 14/02/19

Welcome to this first instalment of our new InspirEd blog.

At Inspiration Trust we have always been willing to try new things and eager to spread the very best practice as wide as possible. 

We are blessed to have some of the country's top curriculum thinkers, excellent classroom practitioners, and passionate subject experts on our staff, and this blog will feature their thoughts and ideas.

Unlike some academy groups, Inspiration Trust has never been about a template approach. We are a family of schools: we share some of the same DNA, but we also have different characters, ambitions, and interests. We enjoy coming together, but we also have friendly fights and rivalries.

This blog is not about declaring the one true Inspiration Trust way. We are based in Norwich - a city of rebels and dissenters, and the only entire English city to be excommunicated by the Pope. (The population made amends by building a new gate for the Cathedral Close, but even centuries on we're still not afraid of a little heresy!)

You will find opposing views here: that just reflects the debates we have internally, as we test ideas and approaches to help our pupils get the very best education.

We hope you enjoying reading our posts, and that you learn and grow with us.

  • Dame Rachel de Souza is chief executive of the Inspiration Trust