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Remote Learning

What is remote learning?

If school is closed, students will need to continue their education at home - we call this remote learning. 

We want to minimise the impact to your child’s education and therefore we have a plan to make sure learning can continue.

How will we provide remote learning?

We will be providing teaching resources through printed packs - these can be collected from the school. Lots of our teaching resources are also available on ClassCharts. 

Your child doesn't need a computer or internet access to complete their work and should carry on writing in their school books. Wayland's high standards still apply in these books - please remember dates, titles, underlining, using pencil for diagrams and paying attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar.

If your child does not have access to a computer/internet, please email the school office

Advice for parents

On behalf of our teaching staff, here are a few ‘tips’ to get the best out of time at home.

  • Children should maintain their routine as much as possible.
  • Students should continue to follow the school timetable. They will already be familiar with this, so it should help support them during this difficult time.
  • Mental and physical health is really important - if possible, children should get some fresh air and exercise.
  • If you have a table/desk in a quiet spot that can be set up as a study area, this will help your child to focus.
  • We would encourage you to remove distractions during study time. Removing mobile phones, tablets a good way of helping them to keep on track.
  • Children can review the work they’ve done all year and make revision notes.
  • Reading is vital. Please make sure your child reads approx. one book a week.
  • There are lots and lots of online resources available – such as BBC Bitesize, GCSE Pod and other similar websites.