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Our teaching school alliance

About the Inspiration Teaching School Alliance

The Inspiration Teaching School Alliance is a network of like-minded schools keen to share, deepen, extend, apply and critically scrutinise their professional and scholarly knowledge of:

  • a knowledge-rich curriculum
  • a knowledge-through pedagogy
  • cultural enrichment as core and extra entitlements
  • school, community and system leadership in all of the above

Through the alliance and our National Teaching School, we offer a range of professional development courses, so that you can continue to develop your skills throughout your career - not just during your initial training.

We are particularly interested in the role of knowledge, subject-specificity and research-based practice in closing the disadvantage gap by improving educational experiences and outcomes for pupils in deprived areas or challenging circumstances.

The place of knowledge in accelerating language and literacy is central to our curriculum development work.

We seek to build highly engaged, scholarly communities of teachers, especially communities of subject teachers passionate about their subjects, who are active in developing and promoting this vision.