Blog: Continuing professional development with the Inspiration Trust - Lucy Austin

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Published on 25/09/20

We caught up with The Hewett Academy's Vice Principal, Lucy Austin, to talk about continued professional development with the Trust.  

When and why did you join the Inspiration Trust?

I joined the Inspiration Trust in September 2017 as a Subject Specialist Leader for Chemistry. I thought the curriculum direction the Trust was moving in was exciting and ahead of the curve – I was excited to be a part of that alongside developing the SCITT provision within the Trust.

How has the Inspiration Trust supported your development?

I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the key figures in education both from within the Trust and partners brought in to provide high quality CPD. Having started in the curriculum team, I had the opportunity to move into a Vice Principal role at The Hewett Academy and from here I have been accepted onto the Aspiring Headship Programme.

Which specific aspects of the Inspiration Trust’s CPD offer had the most impact on you?

A key aspect of my professional development is having the opportunity to hear thoughts and ideas from others in the profession both within and outside of the Trust. This for me has been the most impactful CPD offered by Inspiration Trust. Not only has this been free to those within the Trust it has been plentiful.

What would you say to someone considering applying for a job within Inspiration Trust?

At Inspiration Trust you will get the opportunity to work in collaboration with those beyond your own school from those within the Trust and those beyond. You will be part of a family of schools where opportunities to pursue a wide variety of career directions can be explored.

Where do you see yourself in the Inspiration Trust in 5 years?

Within 5 years I aspire to be a moderately experienced Principal of a successful secondary academy, in a position to support other schools to getting and achieving the best for and with their students.