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Teacher Training with Inspiration

Why you should choose us...

Subject-specific training  

We think that what makes you special is your knowledge of, and passion for, the subject you teach. We want to help you share this knowledge and passion with children. One of the most exciting things about training as a teacher is the need to broaden your knowledge. There is always something more to learn. This is a philosophy that runs to the core of our training programmes.  

High-quality mentoring

We guarantee that your mentor will be a subject specialist who has read the same course materials that you have. You will have at least an hour every week with your mentor focused on discussing readings, setting targets, and reviewing your progress.  

A reading culture

Our community is a reading community. We keep abreast of the latest research and ideas in the wider education world, and we prioritise reading in our subjects. This means that, as part of your training, you will continue to study your subject, reading about new research in your field, as well as thinking through the classroom implications of your growing knowledge base. And, to place reading at the core of what we do, we will help you build up your personal library by buying you books about your subject.

Subject-based teacher communities

As a new teacher, you will be entering an important subject community. Even as a primary specialist, there are lots of opportunities to become involved in subject communities which will support you in teaching a particular subject.  

Extensive continuing professional development  

Inspiration Trust has a wider continuing professional development programme with regular sessions led by our exceptional team of teachers and subject specialists, and the best external speakers around. As a trainee with Inspiration Trust you can attend these sessions, tailoring your own programme to suit your interests and professional aspirations.