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Our uniform

Please note that as of September 2018 we are coming together with Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, and new students will wear the Charter uniform and be based at Salisbury Road. Existing students will remain at Thamesfield Way and can continue to wear the Trafalgar College uniform. Please contact us if you require further details.

We want our students to be proud to belong to Trafalgar College and represent the college positively, so it is important that they are smartly dressed in full college uniform. Our standards are high and the college uniform should be worn correctly every day. 

Our blazers, ties, girls’ skirts jumpers and sporting kit should be purchased from our registered suppliers PMG Schoolwear.


  • Blazer ­- Available in separate boys' and girls' designs, both with a tailored fit.
  • White shirt ­- Available from a large number of shops, including supermarkets. Both long or short sleeves are acceptable.
  • Tie - Official school tie only, with embroidered logo. There is an expectation that the tie will be knotted such that the logo is in a position approximately two inches below the knot.
  • Trousers ­- Charcoal grey. Can be purchased from a large number of shops, including supermarkets.
  • Skirt ­- Optional. Official navy pleated or straight skirt only, provided by PMG.
  • Socks ­- Black or navy in colour; navy or black tights or white socks can be worn with the skirt.
  • Shoes ­- Plain black only. Loafers or lace-­up are permitted but trainers of any kind (including all-­black trainers) will not be permitted as school footwear outside of PE lessons. If in doubt, please check with the College. Girls: shoes with a sensible and safe heel height (court shoes) can be worn.

These uniform rules apply in any situation where a student is representing the school, such as on school trips and when travelling to and from school.

Winter weather

Coats may be worn over the top of blazers in the colder months and when it's raining, but please no hoodies or sweatshirts.

If students wish they can wear a plain (no logos) white T-shirt or vest under their white shirt, provided it is not visible.

Jumpers are not considered part of the school uniform.

Accessories and hairstyles

Jewellery should be limited to one small stud per ear for girls and one ring per hand. Dangling earrings, necklaces, bangles and piercings other than in the earlobe as above are not permitted. We ask that students refrain from wearing false nails as these can cause pain and distress if ripped.

Watches are permitted but note that ‘smart’ watches that link with mobile devices are subject to the same rules as mobile phones and should not disrupt learning or be used inappropriately.

Hairstyles should be sensible and businesslike. Long hair will need to be tied back in some lessons as directed by staff and no extreme styles or colour will be accepted. The judgement of ‘extreme’ will be at the school’s discretion.

If a parent or student is unsure as to whether or not hair colour, style, or any other item of clothing or decoration will be acceptable then we would advise you to contact the school before purchasing as students may be sent home for uniform infringements.

Note that piercings that may heal up if left without use should not be performed when students are about to return to school as this will not be an acceptable reason for not following uniform guidelines.

PE kit

PE Kit is standardised for all students. It comprises two forms:

Indoor and summer kit ­

  • Trafalgar College sports polo shirt and shorts
  • Knee-length navy socks
  • Trainers*

Outdoors and winter ­kit

  • Trafalgar College rugby shirt and shorts 
  • Knee-length navy socks
  • Trainers*

If preferred, the rugby shirt can replace the sports polo shirt; however, it is suggested that its heavy-­duty nature would be uncomfortable for many indoor sports.

*Any trainers are acceptable. Some electives may require additional purchase of boots (eg for football or rugby).