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Training at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

Sir Isaac Newton is offering teachers wishing to become maths specialists in Key Stage 3 and 4 a chance to undertake free Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST), and we’ll even reimburse your school for the cost of cover while you train.

Am I eligible?

This free course is available for the following teachers:

  • Non-specialist teachers (teachers in a secondary school who currently teach a different subject)
  • Returning teachers who would like a refresher before returning to the classroom
  • NQTs who would like further support and extra ideas to try in the classroom
  • Primary teachers who will be teaching Year 7 or Year 8 maths
  • Teachers with QTLS who have firm plans to teach in a secondary school
  • Supply teachers (if not under a contract in a school and are committed to achieving a permanent job in a secondary school)
  • Teachers without QTS (working in an academy)

Course outline

There are two objectives for participants on the course:

  1. Learn subject knowledge up to and including grade 9 GCSE
  2. Learn pedagogy of maths teaching, and gain ideas about how to teach the key fundamentals and concepts of the subject confidently

Pedagogy will be taught through six face-to-face sessions towards the end of each half term. These will be at Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, in central Norwich, from 2pm until 5pm. These sessions will look at the key topics from a teaching perspective such as how to teach concepts in maths and how to differentiate effectively. There will also be an opportunity to cover essential subject knowledge at each of these sessions. Cover will be required for participants who may be teaching at these times, and the cost of this cover can be reclaimed by participating schools. Extra sessions can be arranged for teachers who are interested in teaching A Level (Key Stage 5) maths.

Subject content will be delivered through a guided self-study programme, where participants will be given textbooks at the beginning of the course to support them with their independent study. Further support will be available by online seminars which will be run as twilight sessions. Participants will be given fortnightly subject learning objectives and assessment questions to prepare ahead of the seminars. The seminars will address any questions or misconceptions before setting out objectives for the coming weeks. Further face-to-face, email, or phone support will be available.

The course will include an observation of participants teaching a maths lesson, for those already working permanently in a school. For those not currently working in a school, we will arrange lesson observations in an Inspiration Trust school. We will also endeavour to arrange an opportunity to gain some classroom experience in a maths environment.

Final accreditation will be assessed by a subject knowledge assessment. This assignment will include written answers to GCSE maths questions. Participants will also be required to highlight common misconceptions and errors that students make, and teaching ideas of how they will overcome these in the classroom.

Course programme

Tuesday, September 19 2017, 4pm to 6pm, Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

This will include an outline of the course programme, its objectives and how the guided learning will work. There will also be an initial self-assessment of your chosen subject knowledge (to be completed prior to the session), and a baseline assessment to establish participants' needs.

The prospective programme is outlined below; please note that topics may be subject to change.

Term Independent / online learning content (6pm to 8pm) Face-to-face session (2pm to 5pm)
Autumn 1 Wednesday, October 4 2017
Fractions, decimals, percentage
Introduction to algebra
Thursday, October 12 2017
Number and algebra (1)
Autumn 2 Tuesday, November 14 2017
Powers and roots
Standard form
Wednesday, November 29 2017
Number and algebra (2)
Spring 1 Thursday, January 11 2018
Surface area and volume
Angles and circles
Pythagoras' theorem
Tuesday, January 30 2018
Shape and space
Spring 2 Wednesday, February 28 2018
Probability rules
Representing data and data analysis
Thursday, March 22 2018
Data handline
Summer 1 Tuesday, April 24 2018
Surds and quadratic equations
Growth and decay
Wednesday, May 9 2018
Extending concepts in GCSE
Summer 2 Thursday, June 7 2018
Iterative methods
Composite functions
Tuesday, July 3 2018
Problem solving and investigations

Find out more and apply

To find out more about the course, please contact

To apply for the course, please complete the application form below.