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Behaviour and rewards

We have promote a positive, caring attitude amongst our pupils and staff whilst focusing on effective learning.

Pupils are expected to follow our school rules at all times. Appropriate attitudes to learning and good behaviour are nurtured by reinforcing and rewarding good behaviour and through daily modelling of these attributes by staff.

Regular reminders of our code are achieved through curriculum activities as well as through tutor time and assemblies. An emphasis on active citizenship and personal development is encouraged in all lessons and strong, mutually beneficial relationships are nurtured throughout the academy.

Tackling bullying

Every pupil has the right to work and socialise at the school without fear of intimidation, threats or rudeness. Every pupil has the right to be treated with respect.

The academy's anti-bullying action plan includes:

  • Developing an ongoing study of black spots at the academy where bullying has occurred in the past so that these areas can be monitored and managed
  • Establishing an anti-bullying action team including staff, students and other stakeholders.
  • Providing information and guidance to all students on how to deal with bullies and bullying behaviour as well as how to support other students that are suffering at the hands of bullies.
  • Developing the current peer mentoring programme to offer peer to peer support to bullies and victims of bullying..
  • A regular review of staff duties to ensure optimum monitoring of the academy.
  • Regular surveys of students to assess their views on bullying and the academy's response to this issue.
  • Senior members of staff monitoring arrivals and departures from the academy.
  • Staff members in all corridors during lesson changes; students lined up and escorted into classrooms under supervision.

What to do if you suspect bullying

If your child is being bullied, they should report this to the Year Office or the Assistant Head of Year for their year group. The Assistant Head of Year will look into the incident and deal with it appropriately and as quickly as possible.

Support will be put in place for your child and the bully to ensure that bullying does not re-occur.

A record will be kept of the incident. Data on bullying incidents will be regularly monitored and training put in place for staff and students to address any specific concerns that are identified.

Our anti-bullying peer mentors

The Anti-bullying Peer Mentors are a team of students who aim to contribute to the positive ethos in the academy, helping bullying incidents to become a thing of the past and to ensure that any such events are reported straight away to the Year team so that they can dealt with effectively and quickly. Incidents are logged, and dealt with swiftly by our team. 

The team is supported by experienced staff with the aim of creating a safe haven for students to feel supported and welcomed. 

The main role of the Anti-bullying Peer Mentors is to operate a 'space to talk' room at break time and lunch time every day. 

The Anti-bullying Peer Mentor group is made up of students from both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 who believe that bullying should not be tolerated, that students should have other young people that they can talk to about their issues and who strive to raise awareness of the support the students have at the academy. 

All members Anti-bullying Peer Mentor group are offered training in key areas of bullying to offer the best possible support to all students, as well as leading assemblies and other anti-bullying initiatives within the academy.  

The Anti-bullying Peer Mentor group aim to be recognised for the work that they undertake to tackle bullying and support students at the school through the achievement of the 'BIG AWARD', a nationally recognised quality mark for schools that proactively address the issue of bullying.