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Behaviour and rewards

Our expectations for student behaviour are unapologetically high. We expect all students to demonstrate what we call 'behaviour for learning', based around the key principles of learning, safety and respect. 

In short, this means that students have the right to learn and should never prevent others from learning, or prevent their own learning taking place; all students should always feel safe; and all students should respect the other members of the school community and also have the right to that respect themselves.

The college promotes a positive learning environment and we are proud of our students' good behaviour. However, if a student is not meeting our behaviour expectations then we have a system of consequences that will support the student to improve their behaviour and ensure others' learning is not disrupted.


Our rewards policy encourages students to overcome challenges and develop a growth mindset to achieve their goals. Students' effort, progress, good attendance, and commitment to the college community can be recognised by a series of rewards including house points and awards assemblies. An annual prize-giving ceremony celebrates the students who have achieved and contributed the most throughout the year.

For more detailed information on our system of rewards and sanctions, please see our policies in the Governance section of the website.