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Welcome from the headmaster

Barry SmithWelcome to Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, a new school for this historic old town – a heritage we are proud to honour in our name and our badge.

I went to an ordinary comp. I was brought up on the banks of the Tyne in the shadow of the shipyards. My mam and dad always taught me and my brothers and sister that, with persistent effort and patience, amazing things can be achieved. I want to make sure that the children of Charter have that same self belief.

There’s a lot more to school than just passing exams. Every good teacher knows that, and we offer excellent sporting and cultural opportunities for our young people. But, when push comes to shove, pupils need those grades. Good grades open doors. Bad grades mean doors are slammed shut in your face. 

At Charter we want the best grades for all of our pupils. We want to keep those doors of opportunity wide open. 

We demand respect from our pupils for their teachers, their classmates, and their community. In return we respect them and encourage them. We keep pushing them on to achieve their best, even when they may want to give up; especially when they want to give up.

As part of the Inspiration Trust we have access to an incredible family of schools that have demonstrated repeatedly that children in East Anglia are the equal of any in the country. 
We can all achieve, and we can all do better. I want our pupils to be the great in Great Yarmouth, for today, tomorrow, and for the future.

Barry Smith