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Welcome from the principal

I am immensely proud to be the first ever principal of The Hewett Academy, Norwich, and to have been entrusted with the great honour of educating so many of Norwich's children.

I am keenly aware of the heritage of the Hewett site, and the affection in which it is held by so many in the city.

I am also aware just how heavy a duty it is for my staff to be charged with giving each and every one of our pupils the best start in life, to find and encourage the unique talents that dwell within each of them.

Education is about academic excellence and we should not be shy of saying that we aspire to that. It is not a kindness to send our pupils out in to the world without the knowledge and skills they need to get on in the world of work or at university.

But education is about so much more than that. It is about cherishing our emotional, social, and cultural lives too: about exploring the arts, about working together as teams on the sports field and in the concert hall, about supporting our friends and family through life's inevitable challenges. And we must equip our pupils for all that too.

To help achieve that, we have four core values which I believe encapsulate all that we are trying to achieve. Those values are:

  • Respect
  • Love of learning
  • Purpose
  • Pursuit of excellence

With these touchstones constantly in mind, I believe we can prepare our pupils for their lives ahead as happy, confident, individuals who love and cherish themselves and each other.

Thomas Leverage