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Able, gifted, and talented

Able, gifted, and talented learners are those students who have demonstrated possession of natural abilities or skills that are distinctly above average in one or more subject area.

Pupils will be identified based on evidence including test results, quality of classwork and the professional views of teachers and school staff.

It is our aim to ensure that every pupil in the school fulfils their potential.  Every teacher uses a wide range of strategies for learning in the classroom to ensure that able, gifted, and talented pupils are fully challenged and engaged.

By offering a range of pathways through the academy we can ensure that all pupils take appropriate courses and gain suitable qualifications.  For able, gifted, and talented pupils, this could include twilight sessions such as Further Mathematics or an extra Modern Language, visits to universities, or attendance at AG&T events and competitions.

We also work with The Brilliant Club - an award winning non-profit organisation that exists to widen access to top universities for outstanding pupils - to provide even greater opportunities for our students.