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Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

On January 23 2012, David Prior, chairman of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, and Ormiston Victory Academy Principal Rachel de Souza announced proposals for a new free school with the express aim “to arm Norfolk’s world-class science and engineering industries with their pick of world class-employees”. They stated then that “the Norwich-based school would become ‘a beacon for maths and science teaching’ across the country".

On July 13 2012 it was announced by the education secretary Michael Gove that the Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form had been given the go-ahead. MP for South West Norfolk Liz Truss welcomed the announcement, and said of the Sir Isaac Newton Free School: “Taking students from across the county, its curriculum will go beyond A level and is supported by academics from Cambridge University – helping to build up the next generation of engineers, mathematicians and scientists.”

On October 8 2012, it was announced that the hunt for a Principal to make the Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form Free School a reality was under way. David Prior stated that they required “a Principal capable of really inspiring his or her students... They need to be a gifted mathematician or scientist in their own right. But it’s not just about being academic – they need to be able to get it across to students. Maths can be the most dull, turgid subject or the most exciting, inspirational and enticing subject. We want it to be the latter rather than the former.”

The extract below, from the materials supplied to those interested in applying for the post of Principal, provides a concise summary of the vision for the Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form:


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Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form

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