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Update for Charter parents

Published on 12/09/17

Academy rules and behaviour guide and meet the head

Dear families,

You no doubt will have seen there has been much press attention on our new Charter Academy rules, and a great deal of rumour and speculation on social media.

I want to set the record straight and hopefully put your minds at rest. We have today published a behaviour and rules guide for parents and pupils on the academy website.

This sets out the behaviour we expect pupils to follow in a clear and concise manner. 

We ask that pupils are polite and pay attention in class. They call teachers Sir or Miss. They always say please and thank you. They do as they are told - first time every time. These are simple requests, and should not give you or your children any cause for concern. 

We take a strict approach on behaviour so that we do not allow the bad behaviour of a few pupils to disrupt their classmates, and so we can focus on the most important thing: your children's education.

There are a few particular items that have caused confusion:

  • Shoes should be flat black leather-type shoes with enclosed toe and heel; they do not have to be lace up
  • We recommend pupils have a sturdy backpack. This should ideally be black or navy without logos or branding, but where parents have already purchased bags these can continue to be used

I would like to invite you to meet with me on Thursday, September 14, at 5pm, where I will be leading a session to explain my vision for the school, and how you can best support your child's education.

To help the meeting go smoothly, please arrive promptly at 5pm. We also ask that wherever possible you do not bring your children to the meeting, particularly young children and babies. 

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, September 14, at 5pm.

Best wishes 

Barry Smith