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Welcome to Charter

Published on 07/09/17

Letter to parents from the headmaster of Great Yarmouth Charter Academy.

Dear families,

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy opened its doors to families on Wednesday, September 6.  

Charter is not Great Yarmouth High School. Great Yarmouth High School was a failing school where, too often, pupil indiscipline was commonplace and many parents simply did not support the school. 

In 2017 Great Yarmouth High School pupils had some of the worst GCSE results in the entire country. In a typical class of 30 pupils, 21 pupils left the school without even a pass in English and maths. 

Charter Academy is not Great Yarmouth High School. Charter Academy is a new school with a new headmaster. Charter Academy is a new member of the Inspiration Trust and, as such, has huge resources and expertise behind it. 

As the Headmaster of Charter Academy I cannot, I will not, allow the indiscipline, the disrespect, the failure, the bullying, the truancy and the lack of parental support, that were all a part of daily life at the former High School, to continue. 

Parents let down their children when parents fail to support their education. As a Charter parent you must support the school 100%. 99% just won't do. At times you may think our approach inflexible, over strict, or unreasonable. But I ask that you trust us, and help your children succeed in ways you might never have imagined. 

My job, as Headmaster of Charter Academy, is to ensure that teachers and pupils have a safe environment free from abuse, in which they can excel. 

Your children's job is to attend every day on time, follow all instructions first time every time, treat everyone they meet politely, and get the top grades they possibly can in everything they do.

Your job is to support their school and their education. By supporting us you support your children. This could be the beginning of a whole new life full of possibilities for your children. To make that happen we need your 100% support. 

Below you will find a list of the most basic expectations at Charter. This is just the beginning. A lot more detail will follow. 

1. Traditional black school shoes in leather or leather look material. Children who do not meet our expectations regarding uniform and appearance will be placed in isolation. 

2. No mobile phones on the school site. If a phone is seen or heard it will be confiscated.

3. Girls may wear one small plain gold stud in each earlobe only. No other piercings. No retainers. If ear rings do not conform they will be confiscated. 

4. No chewing gum on site. If found with chewing gum pupils will be placed in isolation. 

Your children will avoid detentions, isolations, or confiscations if you are a supportive parent. The responsibility lies with you. 

We have a huge task ahead of us, but with your support we can offer all pupils their best possible future and the greatest choices in life.

Barry Smith 

Great Yarmouth Charter Academy