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Fresh start for new school year

Published on 30/08/17

Staggered return and new principal mark fresh start for new academy.

The newest name in education in Great Yarmouth has a new principal taking the helm this September, and a new way to start the year with a staggered start for each year group.

Year 7s will start on Wednesday, September 6, giving them the chance to get used to their new school without having to worry about all the hubbub of older year groups.

Year 8 will return on Friday, September 8, followed by Year 9 on Tuesday, September 12. Years 10 and 11 will both return on Thursday, September 14.

Each year group will have a tailored two-day induction to the new academy, helping them understand the ethos and approaches that will make Great Yarmouth Charter Academy different.

They will also get their first chance to meet new principal Barry Smith.

Mr Smith has 20 years of experience as a teacher and school leader, most recently as deputy head of the Ofsted Outstanding-rated Michaela Community School in Brent.

He is also highly regarded nationally as one of the country's top modern foreign languages teachers and has trained and advised hundreds of subject teachers in how to get the best out of their students.

"I went to an ordinary comp. I was brought up on the banks of the Tyne in the shadow of the shipyards. My mam and dad always taught me and my brothers and sister that, with persistent effort and patience, amazing things can be achieved. I want to make sure that the children of Great Yarmouth Charter Academy have that same self belief," said Mr Smith.

"There's a lot more to school than just passing exams. Every good teacher knows that. But, when push comes to shove, kids need those grades. Good grades open doors. Bad grades mean doors are slammed shut in your face. At Charter we want the best grades for all of our kids. We want to keep those doors of opportunity wide open.

"Pupils' first days at Charter will be staggered by year group, and each will undertake a very detailed induction. It's important that parents, pupils and teachers fully appreciate that Charter is so much more than a badge change. 

"Charter is a new school, a new ethos, with sky high expectations of pupils and parents and a huge network of expertise from the Inspiration Trust."

Writing to parents with details of the news, Inspiration Trust chief executive Dame Rachel de Souza said: "Mr Smith is an exceptional classroom practitioner, and an experienced school leader.

"I am sure you will be as impressed as I am with his constructive, compassionate
approach to discipline, his passion for high-quality teaching and support, and his dedication to ensuring our young people will succeed in the future."