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Marathon bid for medical marvel Mr Burt

Published on 20/10/17

Trafalgar College teacher Mr Burt is to run the London Marathon - just months after pioneering heart surgery.

Three years ago Mr Burt discovered by chance that he had a problem with the valves in his heart.

The condition meant that his aorta was more than double the size it should have been, due to a leaky valve, which left untreated might have proved fatal.

But a pioneering doctor at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital in London agreed to perform an operation that involved swapping his ‘bad’ valve with his ‘good’ one and replacing that one with a donor valve. At the same time a 3-D printed sleeve was wrapped around his damaged aorta to support it.

So pioneering is the double procedure renowned heart surgeon Conal Astin plans to show a video of it at a conference in Vienna.

“It was amazing,” Mr Burt said. “He saw my case and wanted to try something innovative and new. All the work they did was incredible and to be in hospital for only five days was pretty good too.

“The surgery has only been done on five other people. He calls me ‘number six’.”

Now Mr Burt wants to raise £2,500 for the British Heart Foundation by running the London Marathon in April 2018, as a way of saying thank you for all the life-saving surgery and help he has received.

"Without this procedure I would have had to drastically change my lifestyle and career. The courage, skill and determination of the surgical team inspired me to raise money for cardiovascular research," said Mr Burt.

"Any donations will help provide others a with second chance at life."