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Chief Sec shares maths tips ahead of Budget

Published on 12/10/18

Treasury minister Liz Truss visited Thetford Academy - and popped in to a maths lesson ahead of this month's Budget.

The MP for South West Norfolk spent time at the Croxton Road school, visiting science and maths lessons.

As Chief Secretary to the Treasury she has an important role in looking after the country's finances, but today was faced with simpler sums as part of Year 8 work on balancing equations and shared some maths tips with pupils.

Ms Truss also met with Thetford Academy sixth form's students union and heard about their plans for charity fundraising, including a scheme in partnership with the local Rotary Club.

She also spoke to a number of students who plan to apply to Oxford or Cambridge universities, advising them to think carefully about their choice of college.

She advised the sixth formers that the best way to help their fellow pupils was to be persistent.

"I've found in my career that when you believe in something the key thing is to be persistent. There may always be people who don't want something to happen, but you need to stick at it and persuade them," she said.

Ms Truss also spent time with Thetford Academy principal Dan Carter, who joined the school in September, explaining his plans to boost exam results and deepen links with the local community.