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It’s a sailor’s life for Stradbroke schoolchildren

Published on 28/02/17

Pupils from Stradbroke Academy became sailors for the day to celebrate Great Yarmouth’s historical links to Admiral Lord Nelson.

The Year 2 children visited the town’s Time And Tide Museum on Tuesday, February 7 to get a first-hand taste of what naval life was like in the time of Nelson – one of the local heroes they have been learning about in history lessons.

The children were put through their paces in swordfighting practice and learned how to load and fire a cannon.

After all that hungry work, they gathered around the mess table to try sailors’ biscuits, dried meat, and pickled cabbage, washed down with pretend ‘grog’ and a few sea shanties.

The pupils found out all about the life of Nelson, who was born in Norfolk and visited Great Yarmouth several times in his distinguished career, before being mortally wounded during his defeat of Napoleon’s fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Year 2 teacher Emma Kato said: “What a wonderful, hands-on visit. All the children were actively involved with the activities and learned so much more about Horatio Nelson and life on board a ship!

“The time and effort spent creating the Lord Nelson experience by the Time And Tide staff was fabulous. We loved the costumes and the enthusiasm of everyone involved!”